Kila siku ni siku mpya kwa kuanza tena. 
*Swahili for, everyday is a new day to start again.

So it’s a new day it’s a new year its a new decade, and for me its a new cycle of life. Also its a new moon.

And its also my birthday! 

And of course its been kinda six month since I dropped my last thoughts into this public universe. 

The first thought coming up is how grateful I am.

Grateful for all this chances, to start over new again, and again, and again. And how grateful I am for getting all this support, love and advice from all the wonderful energies, friends, sistahs, my brothers, my mum, my tribe, the goddess, and my ancestors. They have made it possible that the sun, moon and stars align themselves every day from the beginning for me. 

This describes pretty much my last six month. 

I have moved back to Dar. 

I moved into my own apartment. 

I have the most coolest profession, with the most nicest opportunities to create new and new every day.  

I breathe happily every day again and again, while healing. 


I am making space for new beginnings. 

So currently, it is my birthday. 

Happy new Cycle to me. I can’t believe it. 

It is very difficult to describe my current feelings. There are so many perspectives on it. And I am learning every day to align them from beginning. 


I am healing. My broken collar bone is back together, but I will be accompanied by a metal plate, holding my shoulder together. I am practicing in being healthy to myself. And I am having a great support system, who is making sure that I really am. Otherwise I give thanks to that I am healthy and able to use my body to the fullest capacity in a loving way.


I am in the right space, at the right time, with the right tribe. There is so much love to everything we can do in our possibilities. And there is so much motivation to grow into even nicer and greater spaces. 


I guess that is always the most hardest. But I can say, I have probably never in my life been in such a good space. I am so exited, for every new day, cause I know there will still be so many new days for new and new and exiting and loving, and caring and growing, and healing new things. 

So this is every thing I prayed for. 

And I keep on praying and giving thanks to the universe, ancestors energies and goddess, my family, my sistahs, my brothers, my mum, my tribe for having me every day, again and again and again. 

Asante sana. 

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