Nimefika *

(*Swahili translation of “I have arrived”)

My dear friends and family, nimefika.

This is what I finally realized a few days back after being in Tanzania, currently in Zanzibar, for two weeks.

My journey from Frankfurt-Zürich-Nairobi-Dar es Salaam-Zanzibar was a long journey, but a safe one too. I give thanks and gratitude to all the ancestors and energies for protecting me on my trip.

Let me tell you a bit of how my arrival and stay has been so far.

It is a different feeling this time. I’m not off for only a few weeks, I’m off to find some healing and a new life. And I’m off with a one-way ticket – which brings me to my first adventure with the immigration office. What was I thinking going to a country like Tanzania with a one-way ticket and without a Tanzanian passport?! I was almost denied the entry! Well, that would have been a very short trip. But thanks to the good energy and the coincidence that a close family friend works at the airport, the immigration office did have mercy with me and I was allowed to enter my new-old home.

This won’t be my last lesson of privilege.

After spending the night in Dar es Salaam, I took an early ferry to Zanzibar. Two long weeks of holidays! But apparently time runs faster when you are enjoying it. And that’s what I definitely did!

I stayed the following days with a friend and his family. They are all from Germany as well, so the transition wasn’t that hard. A couple of days of just chilling and catching up on sleep, spending time on the beach and having good food; this is how life should be! Then I went back to Dar (es Salaam) to pick up a dear friend of mine who came to visit me to help me get through the transition period more easily.

You cannot imagine what a blessed and amazing time we had together! With her I did not feel as a guest here anymore. I know my way around and we feel like at home. We spent the first night out visiting the vino wine bar, having vegan food at a Jamaican restaurant and dancing till early morning.

So you can guess that the next day was a bit slower. We still had enough time to stroll around the downtown Dar es Salaam on a Saturday afternoon, chill in the botanical garden and see the sunset at a beach restaurant. I think I might need to dedicate a whole page to the food here as I absolutely love it! I will keep you posted.

Our Sunday was kind of a normal lazy Sunday; we went for a cruise to Mbudya Island.

Mbudya Island

Well, maybe not a “normal” Sunday, but I guess I also have a boogie side inside me and this part enjoyed it deeply! Even though the whole trip was disorganized from the beginning to the end, I can still say that we had the best time after all. Just to actually realize how blessed we are and being able to enjoy this island to the fullest. Also, we could definitely fill up our skin with Vitamin D.

Not even the police control on the way back could have stopped us from having a good time. They were trying to convince us that we committed a serious crime not carrying our passports and in the end they even asked for my number… Just shaking my head. And this wont be the last time a police officer asks me for my number.  Random.


We left Dar with these experiences and set off to Zanzibar the next day. The perfect

beginning at Mbweni Ruins. Check it out, it’s such a peaceful place with a beautiful beach and an amazing view! Sunset here we come again. I simply cannot get enough of
this sight. The most beautiful colors right in front of you, the sun talking to you and wishing you a blessed night. At 6:28pm. But this is when the city actually starts to liven up.

And here it is when my personal vacation starts. One week of acclimatization with my friend having our perfect friendship honeymoon before actually starting a new chapter of my life.

This time we spent together has given me a better idea of how I will have to organize my upcoming time here. Going back to Tanzania had been my plan for years. And to be honest: now i am here and as real as it feels, it was kind of easier imagining it the whole time. But I’ve had time to listen to myself and to respond to my inner fear of what will come. Articulating this will give me strength to turn this fear into positive energy which will accompany me on my future steps.

I am in good faith, and I feel I’m in good company with my ancestors’ energies and friends by my side.

So here I am, Nimefika.

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Thank you for supporting me. And have mercy with my writing, I am still figuring this out.



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